Donate to help all people affected by floods in Balkans

Dear Friends,

10320412_792617844082723_2100427225890419734_nI have just returned from Belgrade in Serbia where there has been the worst floods in 120 years that has devastated houses, villages, towns, and cities, there have been over a million people affected in Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia. Our friends and relatives have put in a huge effort, to buy and deliver to us all the goods and supplies needed urgently. We will be delivering this to these people who will need this help for a long time, due to their evacuation and loss of homes, livestock, and land.

The generosity of everyone so far and in particular the new collaboration of everyone from all denominations is truly historical, I want to congratulate every one for their truly amazing efforts so far.

We are now looking for people to donate funds if they can spare a Euro or two to our regulated Whitewater Foundation Charity which will be used in the near future for helping these people put their lives back together again as quickly as possible.

Thanking you in advance.


Mark Keating



To donate by paypal please follow the link