Spare Parts, Consumables and Regeneration



We hold the largest inventory of water purification media and plant components in Ireland, and normally can guarantee same day dispatch. So minimise downtime with our rapidly available high-quality spare parts.







Laboratory Consumables

A full list of laboratory consumables for Whitewater and other major laboratory manufacturers are available at considerable cost savings to our customers.

Routine changes of components, as part of preventative maintenance programme, is made easy with the Whitewater fast-track ordering system.

We also stock and can supply equivalent cartridge filters both nominal and absolute.

 Whitewater Filter Cartridges



For low flow, high purity water application we offer an offsite regeneration.  The cylinders are refilled in our regeneration facility are returned to you regenerated.


Whitewater Filters

Nominal Filter Cartridges PP

Filter Bags Exchange Type

Cartridge Filter Housing SS

Bag Filter Housing SS

Bag Filter Housing CS Coated

Absolute Filter Cartridges PP Depth Type

Absolute Filter Cartridges PP Pleated Type