Service Contracts

All our Service Contracts are designed to maintain and safeguard your regulatory compliance, laboratory and scientific standards and substantially reduce the risk of system downtime.

Extended warranty of up to 2 years, on any new equipment, with any New Service Contract.

Standard with Service Contracts:

  • Significantly reduce your unscheduled downtime, reducing the risk of cancellation of patient procedures
  • Guaranteed response times in event of a breakdown
  • Maintain and Safeguard regulatory compliance Provides security and confidence in your equipment
  • Technical support over the phone from office-based engineers/on call engineer to provide advice on system performance, trouble shooting and parts identification

The routine service of validated systems is essential to ensure that your system remains in a state of control and achieves the critical quality parameters of Conductivity, TOC, Microbial, Flow and Temperature. This includes periodic calibration of critical instruments, a schedule for periodic sanitisation and documented evidence of the above.


Contact us on [email protected]  where we can tailor a service contract to your needs.