Pure Water for Industry

pure water for industry


Diverse industries such as food, beverage, medical devices, power generation and pharmaceutical all need pure water. We advise on and build complete packaged pure water process systems from concept and design through to full installation, commissioning and servicing. Consultation with the client and their consultant at all stages through this process.

Our innovative water system designs acknowledge the importance of reducing carbon footprint and costs, with solutions including low energy, recycling, reusing water and reducing water discharge.



We have designed and installed systems for a wide range of individual sectors.

  • Food and Beverage
  • Agri-Food
  • Microelectronics
  • Healthcare
  • Pet foods
  • Glass making
  • Medical device manufacture
  • Micro-electronics
  • Transport
  • Power generation
  • Lens manufacture

Systems comprising filtration, softening, deionisation and ultrafiltration from 1m³/ to 200m³/hr.


Our Clients

  • Danone, Cork
  • Dairygold, Cork
  • Diageo, Dublin
  • Glanbia, Kilkenny
  • Irish Cement, Limerick
  • Irish Pride, Wexford
  • Kerry Group, Kerry
  • Springgrove Laundry, Cork
  • Wyeth Nutritionals, Limerick


Water Purification Plant – Optimum Performance

Our consulting service will create a customised plan, while increasing your operational efficiency.

Whitewater will work directly with your plant engineering and operations team to provide an overview of your water purification system.

Our suggestions and recommendations would be flexible allowing some or all of the following to be implemented

Water plant resizing (up or down) to suit current needs.

  • Energy reduction
  • Water usage reduction
  • Site maintenance to minimal level
  • Plant life time extended
  • Improve water quality and operational efficiency
  • New technology upgrades


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