hamodialysis water purification


Whitewater supply most of the major hospitals in Ireland with purified water for haemodialysis.

The quality of purified water is vital in this medical application, where purified water makes up more than 99% of the dialysate. The dialysis patient’s health is directly related to the water quality, their blood being cleaned with up to 25,000 litres of dialysate per year.

 The Herco units supplied by Whitewater produce water to the Ultrapure Standard as per the Renal Association Guidelines which exceeds the ANSI/AAMI/ISO 13959:2009 standards.

 In addition to readily achieving the above standards and guidelines, all Whitewater/Herco RO system comply and are certified to Medical Device Directive No 93/42/EWG.


The Whitewater standard system includes:


  • Pre-treatment – multimedia and carbon filtration, organic scavenging and softening Double pass RO units in series configuration but duty/standby for emergency use.
  • Ringmain Loop in ‘Clean PEX’, the recognized best pipework material for dialysis water loops.
  • Double hose system for connection from wall outlets to dialysis machine guaranteeing no dead legs when machines are not in use or disconnected.
  • Variable speed drive pumps are used for booster pumps and RO’s, regulating pump speed and output to match demand thus reducing energy consumption when demand is low.
  • Central concentrate supply system to deliver the concentrate to the media panels via ring main distribution system.
  • Systems for 6 patient points to 120 patient points with DPRO units from 750l/hr to 3500l/hr certified to MDD No. 93/42/EWG.


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