RO Water Systems for Endoscopy

water purification for endoscopy AER's

Whitewater are the largest supplier of RO water systems for endoscopy suites in Ireland, providing purified water for washing and final rinsing to automated endoscope reprocessors (AER’s).

The high quality and compact ‘Plug and Play’ unit is easy to install. Unlike some other systems, the Whitewater RO does not require additional feed pumps as the unit can operate with low pressure. In most cases softening is not required, avoiding the need to take up additional space with separate water softener units.

Designed to meet HSE Code of Practice for Decontamination of RIMD, CFPP 01-06 and EN ISO 15883 – 1 & 4.


Whitewater Endoscopy – Fully Automated Validated Hot Disinfection Programme

  • The Whitewater Endoscopy unit is designed for ease of use by hospital staff and incorporates state of the art hot disinfection (85°C), the recognized best method for disinfection and sanitisation.
  • Fully automatic controls for daily thermal disinfection at the beginning of each day.
  • Guarantees consistent compliance with endotoxin and TVC requirements.
  • No chemicals are used:
    • no chemical handling
    • no chemical storage
    • no chemical compatibility issues
    • no chemical disposal
  • Lower operating costs than chemical.
  • Mimics the thermal disinfection cycle of the AER to provide consistently secure water source.
  • Standard Units for 300l/hr and 500l/hr.
  • Centralised systems for larger suites, say more than 3/4 AER’s


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