CSSD water purification plant


Whitewater provide water purification systems for Hospital Sterile Services (CSSD) for washer/disinfectors and Hospital Services Decontamination Unit (HSDU). The systems for CSSD/HSDU  provides the benefits of a secure and continuous supply of pre-heated water (65ºC) to the washer/disinfectors, minimising washer disinfection times, with daily automatic hot disinfection to 85 ºC.

Systems conform to the latest regulatory standards HSE RIMD 2010, CFPP01- 06 and EN ISO/FDIS 15883 1 & 4






New Feature

The Whitewater CSSD unit also has the option to supply cold RO water for the other washer cycles. With this additional feature, a single unit can also provide water for both Sterile Services and Endoscopy, making valuable cost and space savings especially in new-build situations.

Standard packaged skid mounted units, comprising:

1. Pre-treatment, softening and filtration.

2. Reverse Osmosis – 300l/hr -500l/hr single pass RO unit.

3. Recirculation skid, 300l/500l 316L stainless steel tank, heating elements and recirculation pumps.

4. Ultrafiltration – 0.03 micron ultrafilter membrane.

5. Distribution Pipework System – clean ‘Pex’ pipework and fittings 20mm-32mm.


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