Legionella Treatment

Legionella water purificationWhitewater now offer a new technology for legionella treatment for building services in hot and cold water feeds providing disinfection for control of legionella in multi occupancy buildings including hotels, office blocks, hospitals and medical environments e.g. nursing homes and hospices, military establishments and can also be used in water features.

Danish Clean Water (DCW) exploits the use of membrane cell hydrolysis to create a disinfectant that can be used in many applications. The raw material used is common salt so there are no safety issues for operators and their personnel.

Unlike competing technologies, there are no issues with pipework pitting and leaking and also no hazardous chemical to handle and store

The added benefit of using DCW technology is that as well as removing the biofilm and killing the legionella bacteria it will also kill most other water borne pathogens e.g. pseudomonas.

DCW disinfectant generators use only common salt and a little electric power and typically have a water treatment cost of less than one cent per cubic metre.

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